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Our Story

Bringing the world closer, one thread at a time.

To make it this far you must be pretty interested in who we are, so hello and welcome! We’re happy to tell you a little about us, and how this whole thing started. 

Our goal is to redefine the way individuals discover and purchase unique and artisanal goods from around the globe. From avid travelers to those who dream of faraway places, we focus on bringing people quality products from fair trade partnerships. 


We fell in love with travel more than a decade ago, and have returned to South America several times to build partnerships with the amazing artisans in the Andes region of Ecuador. We co-design products with our team who craft them with care. We work hard to ensure a fair wage for everyone involved, with a passion for supporting women’s equality by working with women-owned businesses and indigenous women-led co-ops in rural areas. 


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